Best penny share to buy in India in 2022 | Which value will be high next 5 year.


1.Singer India Ltd.

Singer India (SIL) is 59% owned by RHBV, an erstwhile wholly owned step-down subsidiary of Singer Asia. Retail Holdings NV, Curacao (RHNV) owns indirect equity of 54.1% and is the ultimate parent entity here.

SIL is one of the most recognised and iconic domestic appliances brands in the region. Operating in India since 1977, it continues to reflect a strong brand presence and is seen rapidly diversifying in the home appliances space with an asset-light business model.

2.Railtel Corporation of India Ltd.

Railtel has consistently increased its footprint in the space by providing telecom infrastructure and other related services to several public-sector enterprises and private players.

In the last 5 years, Railtel has shown good revenue growth of 30.9%. It has maintained average operating margins of 28.7%.

This is largely because Railtel has Right of Way (RoW) exclusivity that allows it to lay fibre to facilitate telecom services along tracks.

4.Ador Fontech Ltd.

Back-to-back lockdowns due to the Covid-19 crisis resulted in considerable disruptions in the construction industry. But the global welding electrodes market is on the cusp of a strong revival.

Backed by growing demand, the market is projected to exhibit a CAGR of 4.3% and is estimated to reach US$ 27.22 bn by 2027.

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