How to create search result menu in blogger? {sitelink}

The search result menu which is shown in the google search box is called Sitelink. Then how to create search result menu or site link in blogger?

What is site link and why need site link?

Ans. The search result menu link structure of sitelinks which is shown the below of our website main link something like below image is known as sitelinks.

need of sitelinks

sitelinks are useful when a link on our website searches then this is present below of our website which helps the user to easily get that link. To give easy access of that link google provide that link in the below of our website main link.

How to create sitelink in blogger?

Ans. we know in WordPress many plug-ins are used to create sitelink for the website but in blogger, plug-ins are not used then how we create sitelink in our blogger?

First, we thing how sitelinks are generated after that we know how the create sitelinks for our blogger website.

Does sitelinks are manually created or automatically created by Google?

Ans. Sitelinks are not created manually it is created by Google for any search engines. Google algorithm check which link is more search on that basis they decide how to create sitelinks or not.

more read on official site:

So, it is clear that sitelink is not created manually it is an automatic process.

How to improve sitelink to show in the search box?

Ans. To improve sitelinks in our blog you must flow some step 

  1. Give the proper anchor tab with an attribute of all the link so that it not repeated
  2. use all our blog with a label which distinguish our blog
  3. use proper category of all our post


No need of any plug-ins for creating sitelinks in our website simply add label and category our blog shows that search engine easily caught our category and give a sitelink.

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