3 ways to check Windows is original or pirated. Also check Windows activation using Command Prompt

Windows operating software is not free of cost. Before use windows operating software you have to purchase windows and use it. But some people download the crack version of windows and install in the pc or laptop and use it. This is complete illegal although windows give them to use pirated windows without any problem. In many case pirated windows have venerable to the malware and low security.

Sometimes people go to the IT care and give them laptop to upload original windows but shopkeeper may install pirated windows and you don't know either windows is pirated or mrigal. That may be concern for you. So in this blog I will tell you what are the method to check either windows is pirated or original.

Method to check windows original or pirated

1.using setting

    click windows button->type setting-> choose update & security->

    search Activation and click

Similar to above image is show on your desktop then it is original But we have to check other step also.

2.using windows properties method

        Go to This pc -> right click -> choose properties


        In your PC also show look like above image then your windows is original.

3.Using command prompt

Now, the most trusted and genuine and best process to check whether your windows is original or pirated using  Command Prompt. This method is truly remarkable and trusted. So let's get start.

Run command prompt as a administrator and type below command and type Enter

If your windows give you a pop up similar to below image then your pc is not original it is pirated because windows don't give you license 1 year or some month. Windows is either OEM or Retail version. which is give to completely life time license.

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