How to transfer telegram file to google drive using google colab | fast and unlimited file size

In this blog, we will discuss what is the way to transfer telegram file, videos and other documents to google drive without using the telegram bot. Here we may see How to transfer telegram file to google drive using google colab fast and unlimited file size

Why do we need to transfer the telegram file to google drive?

Ans. Mainly people are transferred telegram file to google drive or any other cloud storage platform because of three main reasons.

  1. Basically in the telegram channel sometimes copyright content is posted and do some illegal activity in the channel. So telegram authority will block that channel and all the contents like files, videos and document are disabled.
  2. Sometimes telegram files are slow to download because of that we transfer to google drive to download fast speed.
  3. In google drive all the content are safe and no copyright issue in there.

What the problems face in the telegram bot to transfer google drive?

Ans. In telegram bot, sometimes bot are not respond and all bots are required our google drive permission and we don't know who is the person behind get our access of google drive and does he/she can misuse our permission. So it's better to use a platform that is more secure and transparent.

Method of transfer telegram file to google drive

Below is some method which we use to transfer telegram files to google drive. 

  1. Telegram bot
  2. Web Application
  3. google colab

1. Telegram bot

Their are many telegram bot in the market with provide the service to transfer telegram file to google drive. Below are the some name of the bot which help to transfer files.

  • Google Drive Bot(both have free and paid)
  • Google Drive x(both have free and paid)

2. Web Application

Their are many web application which provide the same facility like telegram bot like to transfer telegram file to google drive without wastage of internet data. Below are the some website.

3. Google colab

Now this is the best i have ever try using google colab to transfer telegram file to google drive. Here you find the simplest and very powerfull web application powered by google. 

What is Google colab ?

Ans. Colaboratory, or “Colab” for short, is a product from Google Research. Colab allows anybody to write and execute arbitrary python code through the browser, and is especially well suited to machine learning, data analysis and education.

  • One Gmail account
  • phone/laptop/desktop
  • URL of the file

How to transfer telegram file to google drive using google colab ?

Step 1 : Go to Google Colab with our sing in Gmail account.

Step 2 : Now click "New notebook" 

Step 3 : On right hand size the "connect" button click that one to connect with google server.

Step 4 : after successfully connect below code past on the code block and click play button.

Programming code

from google.colab import drive

Step 5 : When the code execute it give a link which is the use to authenticate you Gmail account and                    store the file in that google drive. Now after choose Gmail you will get a authentication code                  which you copy and past on the "Enter your authentication Code" block and press Enter.

Step 6 : Now click the code button on the left-top side to enter another code.

Step 7 : This code enter your file URL to store on the google drive and click play button and start your                file uploading to the google drive.

Programming code :
import os
!wget -c "past you file url here" --no-check-certificate

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