Difference between cPanel and hPanel. Which panel is good for web developer?

Both cPanel and hPanel are used to manage the complete Webhosting to manage the resource. Many of the site use cPanel and also some hosting provider use hPanel instead of this many use their custom panel.but Whats makes cPanle and hPanel difference?

What is cPanel?

Ans. cPanel stands for Control panel it is used to manage,control, efficiently use the resource of the hosting. cPanel is used in Linux based hosting server.


  • Many hosting providers use it
  • already tested control panel
  • simplicity
  • software installer in easy


  • update of the control panel is less

What is hPanel?

Ans. hPanel it is one of the control panels or we can say that custom control panel. Here also present all the feature like Cpanel is present.

Here we can also manage to host resources and one-click WordPress hosting.


  • best graphical interface
  • handy to use
  • simplicity
  • update control panel


  • not present in every hosting provider

Does only cPanel and hPanel is present?

Ans. No, except cPanel and hPanel another control panel is also used that is  

  1. Plesk
  2. Direct Admin
  3. Webmin
  4. ISPmanager

Which hosting provider provide cPanel and hPanel(custom control panel)


Almost all Linux based hosting provider use Cpanel like GoDaddy,big rock, Namecheap, Bluehost etc.


Hostinger is use hPanel for their customer control panel


No matter which controls panel you use all are the main goal is efficiently use hosting resources and give simplicity to the user.


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